The speed of the caterpillar drive, which is controlled by the CX-1010, controls the diameter of the extruded product. If the caterpillar runs too fast the material stretches which results in a smaller diameter. If the caterpillar runs too slowly the material compresses and results in a larger diameter. The CX-1010 follows the extruder so that any change in extruder speed immediately results in a change in caterpillar speed to minimise diameter fluctuations. The gauging system senses the diameter and gives an output to the CX-1010 to either speed up or slow down. This output typically makes partial changes to the setpoint. Because the stretch occurs near the extruder nozzle and the diameter is also sensed there allowances should be made for product changes in the cooling bath.


  • Consistent diameter
  • Wide speed range
  • High accuracy
  • Easy setup
  • Device net compatible