Servo Drives


CONTREX has been providing precision speed and motion controls to the industrial market since 1972!  Over the years CONTREX has introduced many innovative products such as the ACCUTRACK, M-TRIM, M-DRIVE, M-TRACK, and most recently the CX-1200.  With well over 100,000 controllers placed into operation at manufacturing facilities around the world, CONTREX has maintained its position as a leader in precision closed-loop motion control technology.


1971    Company was founded as Detection Sciences, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN

1972    1st industrial speed control – developed for the film processing industry

1975    1st digital speed control – the MR130, a 3-digit thumbwheel setpoints

1976    1st digital speed control & drive – the MR430 ACCUDRIVE, a 4-digit thumbwheel

1979    1st universal digital controller for use with all brands of AC / DC drives – the MR430TR ACCUTRIM

1981    1st synchronizing (registration) digital controller – the ACCUTRACK, Sold to a packaging machinery OEM for an overwrap machine.

1982    Company was acquired by U.K. based FENNER and renamed to Fenner Industrial Controls; products are sold world wide

1986    1st microprocessor based digital universal speed controller – the M-TRIM

1987    1st microprocessor based digital controller & drive – the M-DRIVE

1989    Acquired the Reflex brand of signal conditioning modules

1990    1st microprocessor based digital synchronizing controller – the M-TRACK

1990    Introduced servo motor /amplifier products for high response control

1991    1st synchronizing controller with electronic cam action – the M-ROTARY, sold into converting and packaging industries for rotary knife applications

1992    1st controller for flying cutoff (reciprocating carriage control) – the M-SHUTTLE

1992    1st quadrature hall effect encoder in a flange ring mount for C-Faced motors - the QRK

1993    1st contoller for level wind (wire / cable / hose / tubing machines) – the M-TRAVERSE

1993    Company became an independent Minnesota corp. and renamed to CONTREX, Inc

1994    1st controller for cut-to-length, and indexing applications – the M-CUT

1995    Introduced low cost digital speed controllers – the ML-TRIM & ML-DRIVE

1996    Introduced full featured universal controller – the CX1000, included multi-line display, help screens, built-in PLC

2003    Introduced specialized unwind / wind 2-axis controller – the CX1102, included dancer control, and automatic diameter calculations

2007    Introduced full featured synchronizing controller – the CX1200, included sophisticated machine learn, and trend functions