Picture of CX-1102

2 axis unwind-rewind controller for web handling



The CX-1102 is a universal controller that can add precision web handling control to virtually any drive - old or new.  Use it to operate both the unwind and wind axis in converting applications, with dancer trim.  The CX-1102 can automatically calculate roll diameters without the need for surface encoders - allowing you to maintain constant line speed using only axle and dancer signals.


  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • Built-in 2 axis control with automatic roll diameter calculation

  • Help screens that make set-up and operation quick and simple

  • Built-in PLC can help customize the application or coordinate with other machine control devices




  • DeviceNet Card: ODVA Version 2.0 conformance tested to 500k baud





  • 3200-2040:  CX-1102 digital motion controller
  • 3200-2041:  CX-1010 digital motion controller with optional DeviceNet card




The CX-1102 Unwind / Rewind Controller Video (Adobe® Flash® Player required)