Picture ML-Drive

Digital Motion Controller with Built-in 1/4 to 2 HP DC Drive



The ML-DRIVE is a cost effective integrated motion controller + DC drive.  The built-in SCR drive can handle up to 2 HP Permanent Magnet DC motors and has a settable current limit of 0 to 10 Amps.  The digital motion controller provides closed-loop speed regulation for applications that require precision speeds and ratios.  The MLP-DRIVE has all the capabilities of the original ML-DRIVE, but with an Analog Input and zero cumulative error in follower mode.  


  • No complicated programming required

  • Speed controller with built-in DC drive for up to 2 HP motors
  • 10 millisecond control loop for precise speed control 

  • Optical isolation to protect against electrical noise

  • Built-in LED display can be scaled to engineering units such as feet-per-minute



Blending:  Metering pumps, screw augers, feeder conveyors can be precisely ratio controlled for perfect recipes

Conveyors:  Process conveyors or transfer conveyors can be coordinated with precision.  Product spacing can be adjusted.  Inverse "time-in-oven" setpoints are available.
Web Drives:  Film, paper, fabric processing with dancer control.  Use simple on-off photo eye for loop control, or use dancer pot or sonic sensor.
Extruders:  Maintain constant volumetric die flow rates.  Precisely control take-away conveyors, cooling conveyors, sizing rolls and other downstream motors in extruder processes.  Many more applications in blown film lines and coextrusion processes as well.




  • Separate Models for 115VAC input (1 HP) and 230VAC input (2 HP)