Picture of M-Shuttle

Control synchronization of flying-cut applications



The M-SHUTTLE is a highly intelligent universal controller designed for reciprocating/follower applications.  These target applications are characterized by a constant motion requirement, such as extruded products, webs or ovens that cannot be halted to be processed (cut, stamped, threaded, etc.).  The M-SHUTTLE will move the process device (saw, grinder, etc.) at the same speed as the product in order to perform the process function at the proper length.  After the process function has been performed, the M-SHUTTLE moves the process device back to the original position and the motion profile is repeated.


  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • 1 millisecond control loop for precise synchronization

  • Moves the process device at speed with the product for non-stop processing

  • Automatic motion profile generation and trending make it easy to set-up




  •  Available in an open chassis design, the MB-SHUTTLE performs the same functions as the M-SHUTTLE
    Picture of MB-Series










  • 3200-1840:  M-SHUTTLE digital motion controller
  • 3200-1857:  MB-SHUTTLE open chassis digital motion controller
  • 3200-1860:  Pendant station for MB-SERIES