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Control synchronization of independent machines



The M-TRACK is a universal controller that makes control of complex multi-motor systems seem simple. Use it for applications that require the synchronization of independent machines, without the hassle of a mechanical lineshaft.  With self-learning capabilities, this truly intelligent controller can detect trends, such as variations in product spacing or "stretch" in web applications.  It will automatically compensate to maintain the correct synchronization.


  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • 1 millisecond position and speed control loops for precise synchronization 

  • Self-learning capabilities that can detect trends and variations in product spacing

  • Eliminates the need for a mechanical lineshaft to synchronize independent machines




  •  Available in an open chassis design, the MB-TRACK performs the same functions as the M-TRACK
    Picture of MB-Series










  • 3200-1740:  M-TRACK digital motion controller
  • 3200-1851:  MB-TRACK open chassis digital motion controller
  • 3200-1860:  Pendant station for MB-SERIES