Picture of M-Trim

Control of precision speed ratio applications



The M-TRIM is a universal motion controller that can add digital precision speed control to virtually any drive - old or new.  Use it for closed-loop speed regulation applications that require the highest level of precision.   With zero cumulative error, the M-TRIM can accommodate demanding electronic gearing applications often found in web handling, and extrusion processes. 

  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • 10 millisecond control loop with zero cumulative error for precision speed ratio control

  • Adjustable PID gains and Accel/Decel ramps for improved stability control

  • Built-in LED display can be scaled to engineering units such as feet-per-minute





  • Analog Card:  1 Input - Zero to 10VDC or 4-20mA; 1 Output - Zero to +/- 10VDC or 4-20mA; 12 bit resolution

  • Inverse Set-point Programming:  Set-point is a divisor rather than a multiplier.  Typical uses include time-in-the-oven conveyors, wraps-per-inch winders, or inverse draw ratio infeed nip rolls.




3200-1602:  M-TRIM digital motion controller

3200-1603:  M-TRIM digital motion controller with optional analog card

3200-1607:  M-TRIM digital motion controller with inverse set-point programming