Picture of M-Cut

Control indexing and cut-to-length applications



The M-CUT is an intelligent universal controller designed for highly accurate, high speed control of incremental feeding applications.  It can handle both direct point-to-point, and registration reference operations.  The point-to-point cut-to-length operation consists of moving from a predefined "home", through the S-curve velocity profiles directly to the destination point.  The registration reference point is different in that the final destination point is determined by the occurrence of a registration mark, which is typical of web applications with variances from web "stretch".


  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • 1 millisecond control loop for precise motion profiles 

  • Automatic S-curve motion profile generation allows for easy set-up

  • Adjustable time delay/dwell to permit actuation of product grippers and cutting shears




  •  Available in an open chassis design, the MB-CUT performs the same functions as the M-CUT
    Picture of MB-Series










  • 3200-1831:  M-CUT indexing digital motion controller
  • 3200-1855:  MB-CUT open chassis indexing motion controller
  • 3200-1860:  Pendant station for MB-SERIES