Picture of M-Traverse

Control of reciprocating motion and level wind applications



The M-TRAVERSE is a highly intelligent universal controller designed for control of reciprocating "back-and-forth" applications.  It is the perfect solution for level wind guides in the wire, cable, and extruded tubing industries; cross-lapping fiber and fabric webs; scanning for web inspection or chemical applications; fiber wound tanks and cylinders.  By following the main line speed, the M-TRAVERSE accurately positions the traverse motor by working through a servo or vector drive.


  • No complicated programming required; interfaces with nearly any drive

  • 1 millisecond control loop for precise synchronization 

  • Automatic motion profile generation allows for easy set-up

  • Turn-around end points are programmable without the need for physical limit switches




  •  Available in an open chassis design, the MB-TRAVERSE performs the same functions as the M-TRAVERSE
    Picture of MB-Series










  • 3200-1841:  M-TRAVERSE digital motion controller
  • 3200-1859:  MB-TRAVERSE open chassis digital motion controller
  • 3200-1860:  Pendant station for MB-SERIES