CONTREX has been providing precision speed and motion controls to the industrial market since 1972!  Over the years CONTREX has introduced many innovative products such as the ACCU-TRACK, M-TRIM, M-DRIVE, M-TRACK, and most recently the CX-1200.  With well over 100,000 controllers placed into operation at manufacturing facilities around the world, CONTREX has maintained its position as a leader in precision closed-loop speed and motion control technology.   Visit our History page to learn more about CONTREX and our history.


CONTREX customers are typically, but not always, small to medium sized original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and system integrators.  Engineers at these firms have the challenge of successfully integrating precision speed and motion control into their designs while focusing on their core product features.

CONTREX precision speed and motion controls require no programming, and come ready for popular end-use applications.  By choosing CONTREX controls, engineers can focus on designing their machines without the hassles, long-lead times, and costs associated with developing a control system from the ground up.

Many other CONTREX customers are manufacturers that need to upgrade or retro-fit an existing machine.  With the help of CONTREX precision speed and motion controls manufacturers can add precision, flexibility, and improve the operator interface of their machines without the down-time and cost of a complete over-haul.  Most importantly, there's no code to write on a CONTREX control, application solutions are achieved by simple parameter code entries or menu selections. Once installed, applications can be commissioned in a matter of minutes.


CONTREX, Inc. is headquartered just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We serve our customers through network of highly skilled and experienced independent distributors and independent technical sales representatives.  For over thirty-eight years CONTREX has had the opportunity to provide product and service to many small and large manufacturers including leading Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

CONTREX precision motor speed and motion control products provide solutions for many applications.  The product line includes general and application specific controllers for converting, web handling, wire and cable manufacturing, extrusion processes, medical device manufacturing, food processing, and packaging.

CONTREX precision motor speed and motion control products are known for their quality, unique precision capabilities, and ease-of-use.  Designed with Applied Intelligence, CONTREX controls require no programming, and can be integrated into nearly any control system.

CONTREX provides award winning service and support to its customers. Whether it's qualifying a new application, bringing an application on line or troubleshooting system problems, the CONTREX support team is eager to assist you.